Renters Insurance

Even if you rent your home, carrying insurance is a very good idea! Renters insurance protects your property against loss and damage caused by disasters, accidents, or theft. As with a homeowners policy, renters insurance also protects you against the cost and legal liability of damage that happens within your home – if a guest hurts themselves, renters insurance will help with any medical bills. Let the Brian P. Cook Insurance Agency help you secure peace of mind with an affordable, effective renters insurance policy.

There’s another significant factor that makes renters insurance a good bet in New Orleans: Most policies cover displacement costs. If a disaster like a hurricane forces you out of your home, a good renters policy will assist you with the expenses of evacuation and relocation.

In order to get an appropriate level of renters coverage, you need to have an accurate value of your possessions. This can be done by making an inventory of them. A property inventory is also a very valuable tool when you file a claim on your renters insurance, so make sure you hang onto it after you purchase your policy!