Health Insurance

Broadly speaking, there are two major types of health insurance: Managed Care and Fee-for-Service. Although they operate in different fashions, both can provide similar levels of comprehensive coverage. Managed Care – membership in an HMO, (Health Maintenance Organization) PPO, (Preferred Provider Organization) or POS (Point of Service) Plan – is the more common option today. Fee-for-Service plans are preferred by some patients because they offer them total freedom in selecting their health care providers.

No matter which form of health insurance you want, Brian P. Cook Insurance can help you weigh your options and put together the insurance package that meets your needs.

A Note on Long-Term Care:

Long-term care is increasingly important to many patients. This “blanket” term covers the additional routine medical and custodial services that become necessary as a person ages. It’s worth paying attention to long-term care when you select your insurance (even if you’re still young) because many insurers draw fine lines between what services are and are not covered. Dealing with day-to-day long-term care expenses can become extremely difficult without good insurance!