Filing an Insurance Claim

Sep 27, 2013

If you have to file a insurance claim on your homeowners insurance in New Orleans, it can be a confusing and a very stressful situation. You may have just experienced a catastrophe in your life. Now you have to worry about getting everything together to file a claim. Hopefully, you had already been prepared for an emergency.

If you already have your important documents and a homeowner’s inventory stored in a safe place that is what you need to access first. Then you need to call your homeowner’s insurance agent to begin the claim process. When you call your agent you will need your insurance company’s name and phone number (it’s right on top of our website), your policy number and an address and phone number where you can be reached at any time.

After beginning the claim process you will need to begin sorting out what is damaged and what is not. You will need to take photos of all damaged items, even things you are going to discard. Also take photos of structural damage, if there is any. Also any other property damages. You need photos of everything. The adjuster has to have proof of loss in order to file their paperwork for you to get your payments. Make a list of damaged items, their date of purchase and value; include receipts if possible.

The adjuster will meet with you to assess damages, collect the documentation that you have and fill out their reports. Once the adjuster has completed the paperwork, they will provide you with documents to submit to your insurance company. Once the insurance company has all the information and documentation they will finish processing your claim and you will receive payment for your losses. In some cases you may have to negotiate with the insurance company on items that are a total loss. If you have kept good records and purchase information there should not be any delays in receiving your payment for your claim.