Count on a New Orleans Insurance Agent to Simplify Your Insurance Picture

May 09, 2013

Welcome to our new website! And welcome to Brian P. Cook Insurance, the full-service New Orleans insurance agent that makes all of your insurance shopping easy. We started as a car title company, but after more than ten years in business, we’ve expanded to help our customers in many other ways. Today we give you the outstanding convenience and expertise of a local insurance agency that’s ready to handle all of your needs.

For Your Car

We started out helping our customers protect their cars, and it’s still what we do best. We’ll handle your auto title needs, get your car registered and tagged, and help you find the best insurance provider for your vehicle. Brian P. Cook Insurance will do everything for you short of installing a new stereo.

For Your Home

Living in New Orleans is not without its risks, especially if you own property. Homeowner’s insurance coverage is the first line of defense to protect you and your family from losses. Don’t forget the separate flood and windstorm coverage that can be vital when the next hurricane rolls into town.

For Your Health

Health insurance is a complex field, and it’s only growing trickier with time. Need to patch the holes in the insurance provided by your employer? Looking for an independent health insurance solution? Enlist a New Orleans insurance agent to help you find your way through the red tape and get the coverage you need!

A Good New Orleans Insurance Agent Isn’t Shy About Credentials

You can verify our state licenses here, at the website of the Louisiana Department of Insurance. (Just use our contact info to fill out the search fields.) We strongly recommend taking this step before working with any New Orleans insurance agent. Don’t forget, the LDI has a lot of other useful resources for insurance consumers, too!